In the past, I have written about how I believe Joomla to be more of a base for simple to complex 'End User focused applications'.

On the Joomla level, we need to be very flexible and create an infrastructure that 'enables' creation of systems for more specific use cases. This I believe is possible via distributions and one of the important things that are needed to be able to create a good distribution is a flexible admin template. This will allow distribution managers to easily tweak and brand a template as required and have a better UX. I've already posted a RFC for this on Github. I'm documenting it here as well to keep things in one place for me !

Customizing the current Joomla admin template to specific use case scenarios is a little hard now. If we have a blank, easy to customize template with plenty of module positions it will add a lot of flexibility to decide how to present the back end.

We plan to do this anyways for some client work, our plan is to submit a PR for the same by first creating a general use blank template and then proceeding with our client specific stuff. Any ideas, suggestions around this would be great to help us make it more powerful and suitable for many use cases. Any collaboration on this is of course welcome :)

Basic Features

  • Plenty of Module positions including special Dashboard module positions
  • Responsive
  • Easy to white label - Custom Logo Upload , Custom Fav Icon,

Good to haves

  • Bootstrap 3 support and overrides for core extensions (can later be merged as default layouts)

  • Color Palette chooser
  • Split Menu support
  • Drag and drop positioning and easy addition to add Dashboard modules

Related Addons/Components/Modules

These will be posted as separate RFCs later

  • Admin Menu Manager - RFC proposed by @brianteeman about the Joomla Admin menu manager.
  • Dashboard Modules to show vital statistics
  • Frequently Used/ Recently Used Pages module to aid navigation
  • Spotlight search module for admin
  • Admin Notifications
  • Admin Activity Stream

Link to RFC