Joomla is extended by thousands of extensions and each of them manage various notifications to users in their own way. This means that there is no easy way for a Site Administrator to manage notifications centrally. It also means that 'end users' have no way to manage these centrally . This proposal aims to set a standard way to declare notifications and handle them in a unified way without loosing any of the flexibility that extension developers want in designing their notifications. 

In the past, I have written about how I believe Joomla to be more of a base for simple to complex 'End User focused applications'.

On the Joomla level, we need to be very flexible and create an infrastructure that 'enables' creation of systems for more specific use cases. This I believe is possible via distributions and one of the important things that are needed to be able to create a good distribution is a flexible admin template. This will allow distribution managers to easily tweak and brand a template as required and have a better UX. I've already posted a RFC for this on Github. I'm documenting it here as well to keep things in one place for me !

Hey Guys ! Whats up This August I turned 10. That's very young you might say. Sure in human terms of that's pretty young..not even into teens yet.But in software terms..for that's what I am, Being 10 is not necessarily that. I am not sure what it is in fact.. But I am said to be more or less mature now. But then I have been stable and mature many a times in my life cycle so far...

I am a foster child and I have been cared for by hundreds if not thousands of parents and each of them have put a bit of themselves in me. As you might imagine I have grown to have multifaceted personality. For some people I am a simple website building tool, for some a flexible content management system while some see me as a platform to build web applications on. And that's just some of the ways in which people tend to perceive me.

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It was great fun to be part of the Google Plus Joomla hangouts on air project which was initiated by Russel English & be a speaker on the first Edition! In this edition, my talk was about the new features that were introduced in Joomla 3.3. Peter Martin the other guest on the session talks about the Joomla Forum . 

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