Joomla Tekdi Story

This Blog was written on the occasion of Joomla's 5th birthday as an article in the Joomla Community magazine. My first exposure to Joomla (which was called Mambo back then) came while working on a not for profit portal while i was still in college studying for my degree in Mechanical Engineering . We mainly dabbled in something called as PHP Nuke back then and Mambo to us was a breath of fresh air. The comprehensive back end interface and the super cool 'Extension Installer' is what got be hooked.  Coming from modifying a zillion files from text file instructions to add any new functionality to PHPNuke, the single file installer in Mambo was love at first sight. 

Discovering Mambo and then Joomla played a huge role in making our career choices eventually when we took the 'Entrepreneurial Plunge' in 2006, Joomla was a central part of our strategy. Over the years we have grown with Joomla and tried to help make it even bigger whenever and however we can.

Do keep in mind that this article was written a while ago in October 2010 and a lot has changed since then. I've published various blogs later as well as talked about our story post this milestone which I will be linking from this site as well.  Rather, i'd say that this is not about just 'My Joomla Story' , but rather its about 'My Joomla Journey' . 

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