Building a Sustainable Ecosystem for Joomla

In this session, I hope to introduce a strategy and thought process that will help make the Joomla! ecosystem more sustainable and create more opportunities for growth. I will also explore who are Joomla's users & markets and how we can best service them and also expand into newer markets. 

In the last 10 years, The Internet has evolved from being a geek’s paradise to a consumer ecosystem. How should Joomla Adapt to this change ? Who should it target as its first line users ? 

The unique way in which Joomla's ecosystem has evolved and due to how the software is structured opens up many interesting opportunities for Joomla! to go into its 2nd decade ! Learn this and more in this exploration. 

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The Joomla core as well as the core extensions between them have lots of configuration settings. If you add 3rd Party extensions to the mix, these run into hundreds. If the Joomla core provided an import/export options setting as 'infrastructure' to any extension using Joomla's way of storing options, i think it will benefit a lot of Site builders and admins. 

If you have ever uninstalled an extension for whatever reason and needed to install it again, you will know the pain of having to reconfigure the extension. Also if you are a site builder who builds sites regularly, then you will have your own way in which you setup Joomla and its various extensions. If you had a way to store your pet way of doing things, you will get a head start when you start setting up a new site by importing your stored settings. 

What do you think about this as a new feature for Joomla ? Do you think its worth the time to code it in ? Do comment and let me know your feedback ! 

Joomla Git RFC : 

The Internet Evolution and Joomla

10 years is a long time. Its even longer if you think in terms of Software or Internet parlance. The last 10 years for the internet have been game changing and evolution has happened at breakneck pace. New economies have bloomed and others have died out. What was 10 years ago a paradise for geeks is now a thriving ecosystem with more and more consumers coming on board everyday. 

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Joomla is extended by thousands of extensions and each of them manage various notifications to users in their own way. This means that there is no easy way for a Site Administrator to manage notifications centrally. It also means that 'end users' have no way to manage these centrally . This proposal aims to set a standard way to declare notifications and handle them in a unified way without loosing any of the flexibility that extension developers want in designing their notifications.